Toby Appearing at Nidaro’s Blues in Norway

Toby Appearing at Nidaro’s Blues in Norway

Hey everyone, just a quick message to say that I’m playing the Nidaros Blues Festival this April in Trondheim, Norway!

The full line-up (so far) is below:

  • The Waterboys
  • Monster Mike Welch & Mike Ledbetter
  • Steinar Albrigtsen
  • The Fobo Jug Band
  • Ida Bang & The Blue Tears
  • Lisa Lystam Family Band
  • Adam Douglas
  • Nine Below Zero
  • Chris Kramer & Beatbox ‘n’ Blues
  • Jeff Wassermann & Jeffrey’s Reverie
  • Sugaray Rayford
  • Sharon Shannon
  • Blue Aspic
  • Magnus Berg
  • HM Johnsen
  • BabaJack
  • Good Time Charlie

You can buy tickets and get more information on their website below:

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